Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Ahhh...finally in leuven. I got connected to the internet today, which was fabulous. I don't think I've been this excited to get connected for awhile haha. I just felt so disconnected with America and all of my friends without the internet in my room. It just goes to show how dependent we all are on quick communication and technology. Well, I am basically all unpacked and moved in; I just need to put up my pictures and organize a few more things. Yesterday we arrived by bus from the airport, put our suitcases in our room, and had a long meeting about things. Then we took a tour of Leuven, which was great, but extremely difficult. We were dragging our feet the entire time. Everybody was so tired from jet lag. The town is small, but has plenty to do. There nice cafes, restaurants, and bars everywhere, and plenty of cute boutiques. The cafes have seats outside, which really adds to the atmosphere. We went to a cafe for lunch called Alexandre today, which was delicious. Their coffee is the best I've ever lie. I hear there's a place down the street where you take pieces of chocolate and put them in milk, which is considered hot chocolate. I hear it's the best hot chocolate ever haha. We'll see...I'm a conosuier ( sp).
We rented bikes today after our registration at the town hall. The bikes are old, but it's only 50 dollars to rent them for the whole year. You pay 100 euro, but that includes insurance, and you get 50 back at the end of the year when you return it. Al;mosdt everybody rides a bike or moped around here, which I think is awesome. You get so much excercise...I've been hungry nonstop since I got here. However, the food situation is a bit difficult considering there is no meal plan. We are in charge of getting our own groceries. I don't think I mind that though, because there are organic grocery stories and everything is so fresh compared to America. Well, I have to be off; We have a "practical" walking tour of Leuven in about 10 minutes. Then we have our first culture class, where we discuss our France trip ( I am soooo excited for that trip!!!) It is weird to think that it's only 8 am in's almost 2 here and the day's half over. It's going to take some getting used to. I put pics up on facebook...check them out. I'll be putting more up after our tour. I miss everybody!!! Love from Leuven.

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