Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is a shoutout to Uncle Kurt Kimmich, because he is the best.


Ronnie K said...

lar-lar - sooooooooooo, this is not what I expected to see on your blog - a shout out to Uncle Kurt cause he's the best - I think I now know what WTF means ! has UK ever replied to your blog ? - NO, has UK ever told you how many beers to bring home on your Christmas visit ? - NO ?!

I loved your photos of your trip - it looks the the weather wasn't that bad - next trip I need to see more photos of what you refer to as beer - I never had that before but I think I might like it if I try it - keep those blogs and how much you love Uncle Kurt comments coming !

Have a fun semester - the original Uncle Fun (not a facsimile thereof)

Ronnie K said...

I would like to refer you to your reply to me on February 12th - please see how you speak with forked tongue - my, my, can my feelings be any MORE hurt ?