Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Very Nice Visit to Nice

As soon as I arrived home from Switzerland, I prepared for yet another voyage. I left on Wednesday May 7 for Nice, France to visit my friend Andrea, whom I met at Loyola. During the past two years, we have become really close, so it was nice to see her again! Nice was also beautiful. The first day we laid on the beach, and then the second day we walked up to this hill that overlooked the whole coastline. I have never seen such a beautiful view of the ocean in my life! The water was a light teal color near the beach, and then got much darker as the ocean became deeper. The beach was rocky, which was really unique. Anyways, the top of the hill was inhabited by the Greeks a long time ago, so there were dozens of mosaics and remains there, which were all very interesting to explore. We got a great view of the port of Nice as well, where millionaires park their yachts.

During the rest of the time that I was there, I hung out with Andrea's friends, went out at night, and walked around Nice a bit more. We stopped for gelato on Friday and it was probably the best gelato I've ever had! Andrea said that it's probably because of Nice's proximity to Italy...makes sense I guess. I bought some soap from Marseille while I was there for my family, which smells really good. Apparently the south of France is famous for their scents- the world's best perfume is made there.

Nice was a very short trip for me ( 2 days), but it was definately worth it. I miss Andrea and am counting the days till I see her again!!

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